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About Us

Our owner has a lifelong love for electronics. When he was a kid, his parents gave him boom boxes and he would end up taking them apart and putting them back together. After he grew up, he decided to go to electronics school and pursue his passion. In 1994, he decided to lease a storefront, however, by 2010 the land was purchased and APM Electronics, Inc., has been in the same location ever since, serving the community as a family-owned business.

We started with TV and receiver repairs. Because we have classic electronics repair training, we're able to work on the smallest parts and the component themselves. Think of us as having "old school" knowledge with new school technology experience and expertise.

APM Electronics, Inc., is authorized by most manufacturers, and we receive mandatory training on all electronics. We are always learning and training on new technology releases to stay up to date and innovative.

You can feel comfortable when choosing us to repair your electronic equipment because of our knowledge about all types of machines.