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"I just got my Pioneer receiver fixed at APM and I am very pleased. I got their info from the Pioneer website and gave them a call. I told Angel that the movers had dropped my receiver and I was hoping that he could fix it. I drove 30 miles to get to him and paid the $50 upfront service fee for him to look at it. He called me back in one day and said it was fixed. It only cost me $99.70 more, for a total of $147. That's a huge saving vs. buying a new $800 Pioneer Elite receiver. Much thanks to you guys at APM."
—Kathy, A Happy Customer

"Most of the time repair companies will tell you, "we can't estimate the cost, but pay our service fee and that will go towards the cost". It's a way to trap you, but APM electronics gave me an estimate on my lcd repair and fixed it in one day. I also did a lot of research on the average cost of the repair and they are at or a little below market average. Highly recommend."
—JD, A Happy Customer